BitcoinGold Wallet Scams Roaming In The CryptoWorld

Since BitcoinGold has launched every people wants to get his share of BTG  but due to bad support and no good wallets to get our free coins Scammy wallets are all our the world.

The two scam sites who have stolen million of assets are and ElectronGold.

Total Assets stolen from mybtgwallet  are more than 3$ Million USD . There are reports that Electron Gold are stealing the users private keys and seed phrase anyone having access to any of these details have access to your wallet. 

Tips To Be Safe

Don't give your seed phrase and private keys to anyone and don't post it anywhere

Protect your private keys and seed phrase like your Baby

Dont give private keys and seed phrase if the site claims they can give you free BTG or anything 



I Am An Average Person With An Average Mind Which Has Focus On Cryptocurrencies For More Than A Year.

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