Top 8 Free Bitcoin Earning Games

Hello everyone as you know about the bitcoin faucets there are also bitcoin gaming faucets some of those games pays more than regular faucets and are worth to play 

Every site listed below need a Faucethub account to receive withdraw. Faucethub is a microwallet which store your tiny transaction and send them to you when u reach a minimum 20k amount of withdraw.

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1. FaucetGame

Faucetgame is a no deposit casino game where you can play 7 Different types of game

  • Wheel Of Wealth
  • Falling Fortune
  • Roll of Chance
  • Slot Machine
  • BlackJack
  • Roulette
  • Lottery
However it will be difficult to level up at first and will require a little hardwork but when you reach a good level you can earn good amount of satoshis.

They also have offerwall integrated on their website It will be a great way to level up by using offerwalls. 

Payment Proof

2. Cryptoracers

CryptoRacer is the best game however it can take sometime to upgrade your car you can earn 11 to 25 sats every race.

I have write my own strategy about this site here 

Cryptoracers Strategy

Payment Proof

3. Rainpool

Rainpool is an classic faucet rotator where the person can earn from faucet and from rain the rainpool is filled with 10k satoshis every hout by site owner also the players can increase the pool by claiming from faucet and by doing offerwalls.

Payment Proof

Also There Is No Withdraw Limit On Rainpool

4. BlockFaucet

Block Faucet Is a game which is based on real time Bitcoin blockchain where you have to guess the number of upcoming block they also have activity bonus every 15 minutes meaning you will also get satoshi every 15

5. Pokebits

Pokebits is an Pokemon Rpg Game in which you have to do quest to collect Pokemons and Satoshi you can also train your Pokemon and battle other pokemons to earn satoshi.

This site is little bit tricky but there are alot of good people in the Pokebits chat room to help you btw you can also comment your problem below.

Payment Proof

6. VirtualPub

As it is in the name "Virtual"Pub we have to run a pub (club) to earn satoshi Virtualpub has maximum of 2 levels and alot of upgrades open when you are at maximum level some of the upgrades are Scientist ,extra tables ,etc 

7. Satoshiwars

Satoshiwars is an rpg game which is not fully developed yet you can earn gold by doing mission and then convert the gold into satoshi you can also buy mines each mine give 48 satoshi everyday and a total of 10 mines can be bought . 

8. Free Btc Mine 

Free btc mine is also an virtual btc mining game where you can earn 10 satoshi ever 14 minutes on Lvl 14 however i don't think it is a game but i will still list this site here because i can't find any good section rather than this.

If You Need Any Support Regarding To Any Of Those Site Please Don't Hesitate To Comment Below

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  1. Thanks for sharing good free bitcoin earning gaming sites.
    Yes, your payment proof will help to work these sites.

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  3. Hi there! I don't play games, how can I make free bitcoin? Can you help?

    1. There are some other ways like fauceting , Doing Paid tasks freelancing , Gambling , Doing Offerwalls , Making Refs etc

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