7 Important Qualities Of Any Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet

Wallet is the most important thing to safeguard your cryptos but there are alot of scam wallets and as well as there are alot of ways that your wallet can get hacked easily below are the MUST HAVE things a wallet have .

1. No Third Party Control

Your wallet must not have link to any third party service you should control your wallet and you can use in any way you want. 

2. Access To Your Private Keys

Your should be the only person to control your Private Keys no other third party service or any other person can have access to your Private Keys. 

Most of the exchange service don't give users their Private Keys and it is not secure to leave your Crypto in any Exchange or any Online Wallet because any online thing can be hacked.

3. Choose Your Wallet Wisely

Use Hardware Wallet or Paper Wallet if you want to store large about of Cryptocurrency. For trading and other purposes use Desktop Wallet Only use online wallet as your last option. 

TIP : Never trust any online service

4. Get Rid Of Malware 

Before Accessing any wallet its good to download a good Anti-Malware program and use the program regularly because a single Malware can steal all your Cryptos

5. Always Use Two Factor Authentication

If you have choose to use online wallet (which i do not recommend) please enable Two Factor Authentication (2fa) for an additional layer of security.

6. A Wallet With Seed Phrase 

Some wallet have a special feature called Seed Phrase which is a 12 word sentence used to restore your wallet very easily whenever you lost. Store both Private Keys and Seed Phrase at a secure place

Anyone with your seed phrase can open your account just like private keys.

Electrum Is a good wallet which gives both Private Keys & Seed Phrase.

7. Be Safe From Phishing, Fake wallets.

Phishing is a fake site which looks like a original one when you login on the site your information goes to hackers and then they can easily access your Online wallet but this type of things are very rare.

There are alot of Online Wallet which has turned into scam so always use a trusted wallet.

Here are all my tips i use to keep my wallet safe if you got more tips and any question please comment below. Thanks


I Am An Average Person With An Average Mind Which Has Focus On Cryptocurrencies For More Than A Year.

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